Why Limmud AZ?

There are so many activities and classes for those interested in Jewish learning and involvement, someone said to me, why is there a need for yet another program?

The answer is really pretty simple. So much of the adult Jewish learning opportunities in our community are sponsored by Jewish organizations. They are targeting a particular audience. They are for Orthodox, Conservative or Reform Jews to get them involved in congregations, to build those congregations. The difference in Limmud is that it is a broad based Jewish learning experience. It is for Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Humanistic, Reconstructionist, Jewish Renewal and any other Jewish identities that people call themselves. It is for “just Jews” as well as Jews who have been actively involved in Jewish organizations for years in our community. It is for Jews from Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tucson, Sedona, and all over Arizona.

Our goal is to provide a special day with enough diversity of programs to appeal to all Jews. Our goal is to come together as a broad community for a fun and interesting day of interaction. Our goal is to see our factions get to know each other in a positive environment. Our goal is to begin to understand and work together to make our Jewish community stronger and more supportive of each other.

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